PART of the GIFT...

My mind wanders to all of my daughters and nieces and mom-friends and you...(and my sons too, but with school, work, building, etc. they may be too busy to check the blog!) and I think of how very busy you are baking and making and working and cleaning and wrapping and shopping and explaining and teaching and rocking and running and building and visiting and buying and trimming and mending and buying and planning and laundering and budgeting and thinking and fixing and changing and cooking and wondering...and I remember when my lists of things to do was bigger than me or my budget or my energy!

And so in the middle of all of your celebration and saturation...I want to share a little story with you that a dear lady shared with us this morning.

Once there was a boy who wanted to give the gift of a shell to an older friend. But the sea was a distance from where he lived. Nevertheless, he decided to walk the miles to the sea and chose a beautiful shell. Then he walked the great distance back and gave the beautiful gift to his friend. His friend was full of joy: "Oh, but it took you so long to walk to the sea and bring this all the way back for me." To which the young boy responded: "The walking is part of the gift!"
As I watch you serve your families and observe your patience and tryings and all of the time and energy that you spend to make this Christmas time special in your homes, I hope you know that the doing of all of it is definitely part of the gift. It does not go un-noticed no matter how tired you may be. I love each of you so very much and admire all that you do. The lists may be longer than our lives at times...but the love that you share in all of the doing lasts past time.

I wish I lived close enough to come babysit or rub your feet or make you a meal and give you some time off to take a warm bath or read a book or take a nap! Just wanted to tell you that you are amazing and that I am very blessed to know and to love you. And I do!


Momma Princess said...

You always know what to say and when to say it! Thank you! Now I have that extra burst I needed to finish up what I need to do! :) I love you!

Amy said...

Ummmm.....I don't think I'm one of those mothers you're talking about. I had a nap today. I was lazy. No baking. I did some laundry at my leasure....hugged Asher's chunky walking body at my leasure....helped my kids get their snow stuff on and sent them outside leasurely.....hmmmm.....I try to keep my life simple. I don't envy, or even admire mothers who are always on the go....but now I'm wondering if I'm keeping my life a little too simple? I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts. I think things will change when McKenzie starts school.

At Home said...

A leisure day! :) Just love and be thankful for it. There will be the other kind mixed in there. And I love and admire you all on both kinds of days! (I must have written it on a very busy day for me!) If memory serves me well...I had many busy days when you were all young. Not on the go. Didn't have an extra car until after you were born...just always had more to do just to try to keep it simple. Hmmmmm....maybe I will go take a long bubble bath. ;) Love!

e.brooke said...

Part of my gift this year
is trying not to give
anyone my cold...
while doing
everything I can
to share my warm.

Merry Christmas!

Cami said...

I love this! And I loved that little story of the boy walking as part of his gift. If only everyone saw things that way!