Learning the SECRET again...

The best part of life is learning new things. There is always one more idea to think, one more skill to explore, one more process to try, or one more new day to be had! I really like that. Some of the best ideas are ones that we already know and just need to remember here and there again!

With the building of Jason's home...Dad and I have definitely tried new things. Dad did alot of the electrical with Jason, and has put in the speaker systems, and learned to put in wood floors with Jason. I have learned to do the rockwork on the outside of the house (even two stories up on scaffolding while repeating over and over to myself: Don't Look down...brenda, just don't look down...), and I got to lay all of the tiles in the two main bathrooms! I chose the placement of colors and Jason cut them and I put them in. I may have put more mud on me than the floor, but they turned out beautifully! I'll have to take more photos! Anyway, two new things! Kinda fun.

Some days...we get so busy that I think Stan would think my making a meal would be new and different! ;)

Double click to see the happy surprised face of Tiffany when Jason showed her the new wood floor (almost done!) He couldn't wait to show it to her!

I have learned alot by watching our son build this home for his sweet wife and children. Seems like a man will do amazing things to make his family happy.

And if that is so, then to be happy is a wife's kindest secret.

I have watched Tiffany's appreciation for even little things that he does, and her patience! Oh My! Because he is gone so much doing it. (sometimes til' the wee hours of the morning) plus work, plus church, and she laughs at his jokes and she admires the details, though she is full time busy and tired too.
The other night after doing tile...I was following Jason in our car and he stopped and pulled over, So of course, I stopped to see what he needed. He got out of his car and came back to my open window, and said, "Thank you Momma-Love. I really appreciate all your help. You and dad have been great." and then he got back into his car and turned left for home and I continued straight until time to get on the freeway for home.
Their appreciation makes me want to lay tile and do rock-work (....even on scaffolding! ;)

Thank you Jason and Tiffany...for reminding me again tonight...about the secret.

Tomorrow night I will make a nice nice dinner for Stan. I may even use candles! ;)


Momma Princess said...

I LOVE that picture of Tiffany seeing the wood floor and the cute smile on Jason's face! Priceless.

e.brooke said...

I love all you wonderful people!!

Momma Princess said...

I love the new and improved version. Thank you for getting my emotions out for the day! ;)

jaredelizabeth said...

I've been loving all the pictures of Elisa and Bruce's home in the making and I've been waiting for pictures of Jason and Tiffany's home.....it was worth the wait. I can tell a lot of love and WORK has gone into it. I can't wait to see more pictures.