Nine Years Old

I remember being nine...using my skate key to tighten my skates every 16 cracks in the sidewalk or so, wanting a horse...please, please, please... wondered if John Thompson ever climbed trees or played softball as I sat on the piano bench glancing at the red book, looking at the clock. I remember birthday parties and reading horse books, Beverly Cleary, and Nancy Drew. I remember the diving boards in Ephraim's swimming pool, mowing lawns to earn allowance, the pastel candy hearts in glass bins at Lee's five and dime, and hurrying to my desk after recesses of jumprope. tag, marbles, to peek in my Valentines' box. 

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Momma Princess said...

Look at you and your cute 9 year old self. I can't wait to show Hailey this, she will love seeing you at her age! :)

Happy Valentines Day, I LOVE you!