Elisa and Ashley Recipes!

(Click on these cute recipes to see them better) 
I love reading these cute recipes from Ashley and Elisa from years ago.  They are both wonderful cooks now!  They can follow and easily understand the most difficult of delicious recipes. 
Sometimes I wonder if we live our lives much like a child writing a recipe without experience or a knowledge of which ingredients, and how much of those, will make a life worthy of our time and efforts in the end.  I have a point of view and you have a point of view...but how wonderful that Heavenly Father has a VIEW. 
And what delicious JOY when we follow His recipe!


A.Marie said...

Cute recipes!!! I found you over at the blog, "Christian with a view." I thought your blog names look interesting!!! :)

Ashley said...

:) I remember that! lol!

covnitkepr1 said...

Just wanted to return and tell you how much I like the comments I see that you have left on other blogs. I love your spirituality.

Also the invitation to follow my blog is always there if you choose to.

I would like for you to consider putting a follow wwedgit on your blog site so I could become a follower.

Anyway...may our God bless you richly and often.